Custom Services


Old Joy offers versatile, customizable and thoughtful gift boxes perfectly suited to any special occasion or monumental event. Whether welcoming a new being into the world, spreading gratitude, offering comfort or bringing warmth to a new home - Old Joy takes great care in providing the right sentiment through various gifting services.



Old Joy specializes in curating thoughtful housewarming gifts to celebrate this immense milestone in your clients' lives. 

We know how important the relationships are between an individual and the people who help them usher in new beginnings, and we want to aid you in forging a lasting memory of this experience. This has inspired us to provide a wide array of customizable offerings to help your client break their new place in with style. 

We have plenty of experience working with a variety of budgets, personalization needs, and sizes of projects, so allow us to curate the perfect gift and add the personal touches to your closing gifts. 

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We love working with businesses to create unique ways to show gratitude. Our gift boxes are guaranteed to leave an impression on colleagues and clients.

From small gifting requests to large volume orders, boxes can be customized to any scale and branded with your company logo if desired.

Let us work with you to develop a thoughtful package.

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Our bespoke gift boxes provide unique treasures to help spread cheer for any wedding occasion: whether spoiling a bride-to-be, offering up special treats to the wedding party or acknowledging friends and family who contributed to your magical day.

Because we believe that everyone involved in this meaningful celebration should be appreciated.

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