At the soul of Old Joy, our passion lies in creating thoughtful moments using carefully considered items that are both beautiful and practical.
As we 
constantly strive to elevate the timeless gift box; our modern, minimalist design aesthetic is driven by a love of art and nature. We relish the opportunity of seeking out treasured gems for friends and loved ones; to that end you'll find goods hunted and gathered from small makers around North America and beyond who share our ethos. 


Gifting is an experience that should leave both the giver and receiver feeling more connected, with a deeper appreciation for each other, and a lasting sense of joy. More than the sum of its parts, we truly believe that gifting is an art form and it brings us total gratification to share in this experience with you. 


These core values have led us to be industry leaders for both personal and corporate gifting. As one of the first modern gifting companies in Canada, and with over a decade of experience and market research, our tried and true methods can meet any need, occasion or budget. We offer versatile, customizable and thoughtful gifts perfectly suited to meet any special occasion, humble moment or monumental event. Whether welcoming a new being into the world, spreading gratitude, offering comfort or bringing warmth to a new home, we take great care in providing the right sentiment through various gifting services. 


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